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Summer 2009 Athletic Centre

The Summer 2009 Athletic Centre

Fee is $130 from May 1 to September 7. 2009 and $42.25 per month

Grad Students FAQ’s

The Faculty of Physical Education and Health of the University of Toronto is on the downtown campus and is located in the Athletic Centre at 55 Harbord Street, on the south east corner of Harbord and Spadina south of the Grad House. To contact the Membership Services staff in the Main Office of the Athletic Centre please call 416 978-3436, extension 0, or visit the Faculty’s website at www.utoronto.ca/physical for additional detailed information.

Do Graduate Students have access to the Athletic Centre?

Registered University of Toronto graduate students have access to the Athletic Centre through the payment of their incidental fees. Typically, this payment covers only the Fall and Winter (September to May) terms of the graduate program. Spring and Summer access to the Athletic Centre is optional.
Athletic Centre Summer membership is available to registered graduate students at a preferred UofT student rate at the Main Office of the AC.
Some programs have exceptional status regarding summertime memberships. Please inquire through your registrar’s office to verify your access.

What does Athletic Centre Membership Include?

Athletic Centre membership includes the use of our full size Day Lockers located in the lower level change rooms; please bring your own lock. (See Lockers below). Members have access to all our facilities including, the indoor 200m track and the fixed weight and aerobic equipment surrounding the track. Two deep water pools are available for scheduled adult lane swims. There are daily scheduled access times to the Strength and Conditioning Centre’s free weights and related equipment. Members have one day advanced booking privileges on our racquet sport courts (squash, tennis, badminton and table tennis).
Drop in fitness classes are included in your membership. Scheduled recreational basketball, volleyball and soccer opportunities are available to members at no cost.

Members have access to the new outdoor Varsity Centre track and field during the summer months for recreational soccer, ultimate disc and track use. During the winter the inflated dome-covered field is available for field sports including a golf driving range. Also in the winter the Varsity Arena is available for recreational skating and hockey.

There are also many women’s only opportunities in our facilities and programs, please visit our website for times and locations.

For additional fees members may enrol in our instruction classes in a variety of sport, fitness and recreational activities. Grad Students receive a 15% discount when registering their children in our children’s Junior Blues and Camp programs.


Day Lockers
Full-size labelled Day Lockers are available throughout the men’s and women’s change rooms for single day use only. These lockers are free to members and guests with a guest pass but you must clear out the contents and remove the lock by the end of the day. Members and guests must supply their own lock.

Rental Lockers
The half size lockers in the men’s and women’s change rooms are available for rent. These are not to be used by members unless rented from the Main Office. Grad students rent these lockers for the full Fall and Winter terms at a prorated cost from the day of purchase. If you do not require the rented locker for the full term, you may request a partial refund from the Main Office. Lockers must be rented for the term of the summer membership purchase i.e. one month, two months, or full summer term. Members must supply their own lock.

Please Note: At closing all Day Lockers are cleared of all contents. Locks may be cut and contents removed. There is a $25 locker clear out fee to recover cleared locker contents. Unclaimed contents are held for 30 days then donated to charity or otherwise disposed.

Similarly, expired Rental Locker locks may be cut and contents removed, held for 30 days; then donated to charity or otherwise disposed.
Locks will be cut at owner’s expense and will not be replaced. There is a $25 locker clear out fee to recover cleared locker contents.

The Faculty and the University of Toronto are NOT liable for lost or stolen contents. Please DO NOT leave valuables in your locker.


Locker rentals include towel service. Towel service may be purchased separately for the term of the membership or on a daily basis. Please visit the Main Office to purchase towel service.

Is my partner, spouse or roommate able to purchase a membership to the AC?

Any one other person, 18 years of age or older, regardless of gender, residing with a Grad student member of the Athletic Centre may purchase a four month or one year discounted membership at our non UofT student rate. The Grad student and co-resident must provide proof of address at the time of membership purchase and subsequent renewals. Driver’s license, OHIP card, utility bill or bank/credit card statements are accepted proof of address.
Please note: In order to qualify for the co-residency rate, the student must have access at the time of purchase.

Can I bring in a friend on a casual basis?

Members may purchase guest passes for $10 each or 8 for $64 in the Main Office. Guests have the same access to the facilities as members plus towel service but cannot attend or register for instruction classes or personal training, or book courts. Guests are expected to follow the same rules as members. These expectations are posted in the Athletic Centre and in the Activity Guide.

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