Friday, August 19, 2011

FAPESP-UofT-UWO Call for Proposals Update - Canada & Brazil


Dear Researchers,

On July 15th, our office announced the FAPESP-UofT-UWO Joint Call for proposals, on behalf of Professor Paul Young, Vice President, Research at UofT. The funding opportunity is the result of an exciting partnership between FAPESP (the scientific research funding agency in São Paulo, Brazil), the University of Toronto, and the University of Western Ontario. The Call for Proposals is aimed at facilitating proposals between Canadian and Brazilian researchers working in partnership. The funding available is predominantly focussed on covering the cost of exchange of researchers between Canada and the State of São Paulo, Brazil, or “mobility” expenses. It is also envisioned that those who are funded will have the opportunity to work together on future undertakings.


I am pleased to offer this important UPDATE:

• the total amount of funding available is actually $40,000 in total over two years, with $20,000 available for the UofT partner(s), and $20,000 available for the Brazilian partner(s). (My earlier communiqué indicated that half of that amount was available, or $20,000 in total.) The maximum budget that can be spent in any one year of an award remains $10,000.


We now have English language versions of the Budget Form and the Research Registration Form, which are to be completed by researchers from UofT as part of the larger application package, details of which are available on the Research Services’ website at:


I have received a number of questions about the adjudication process and how it will work. I am pleased to offer the following explanation and hope this clarifies any questions you may have:

1. Applications are jointly submitted at the same time: by UofT applicants to UofT (to my attention); and by Brazilian applicants to their authority (and if there is a UWO partner, the UWO partner submits to UWO.)
2. Each of UofT, FAPESP, and UWO will conduct a preliminary administrative review of applications submitted to them respectively, ensuring all forms are complete and clarifying any questions that come up with applicants.
3. The Vice Presidents, Research at UofT, UWO, and the leaders of FAPESP have established a joint adjudication committee. Each proposal submitted to each institution will then be reviewed collectively by the joint committee.
4. Decisions are expected to be announced on January 16, 2012.

INTERESTED IN APPLYING? At this point, I’m asking anyone who is planning on applying to please let me know by email at I am building an contact list and want to be able to offer news or information to those wishing to apply quickly. (Updates are also posted on our website at the link noted above.)

Questions or More Information: Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me.

Best regards,

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Drew Gyorke,
Director, Agency & Foundation Funding
Research Services
University of Toronto

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Toronto, ON M5S 1S8
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