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Defence Science Research Conference 2011 Call For Papers - deadline February 28, 2011

Defence Science Research Conference 2011
Call for Papers

The submission deadline is extended till 28 February 2011.

DSR 2011 hopes to create a platform for researchers and practitioners from all over the world to meet up and share their relevant experiences and knowledge. The primary objective is to enable researchers and practitioners working in similar areas to share their results within the limitations of unclassified research and developments. Through this event, we hope to enable researchers to showcase some of the latest research work done for the defence industry that is beneficial to the daily applications for the general public. We hope to be able to cultivate the growth of science and technology through research work done in the defence field which are applicable for civilian use.

DSR-2011 will be held from 3-6 August 2011. This event is organized by the Mixed Reality Lab and the Social Robotics Lab from the National University of Singapore.

Our confirmed plenary speakers includes:
1. 1. Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Vice President of the European Parliament
2. 2. Martin Cole, Chief of CSIRO Food and Nutritional Science, Australia
3. 3. P.Gopalakrishnakone, Dep of Anatomy & Venom and Toxin Research, National University of Singapore
4. 4. Penny Low, Member of Parliment, Singapore, Founder and President of Social Innovation Park Ltd
5. 5. Peter Martini, Director of Fraunhofer-Institut, University of Bonn, Germany

Our confirmed symposium includes:
1. 1. MEMS Sensors for Defense Applications
2. 2. Biosensors, BioMEMS & Lab-on-Chip
3. 3. Miniaturized bio-Medical Devices and Sensor for Defence Applications
4. 4. Usage of Voice, Speech and Emotion Recognition in Military Health Care
5. 5. Cyberspace: Our New Front Line
6. 6. Training, Simulation and Sense Making
7. 7. Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (AUV): Developments, Capabilities & Applications
8. 8. and many more

We would like to invite you to submit your paper for the DSR-2011 Conference. As the spectrum covered by the defence industry is wide, we have narrowed the topics covered in this event into 10 main themes:
1. 1. 1. Healthcare in Defence
2. 2. Bioengineering in Defence
3. 3. Cyber Defence
4. 4. Logistics & Transport
5. 5. Technology
6. 6. Aerospace & Aeronautics
7. 7. Entertianment Technologies
8. 8. Biological Sciences
9. 9. Food Science & Technology
10. 10. Environment

Please log in to this website to get more details and submit your papers:

Submission is now opened!

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