Friday, October 18, 2013

Framework to Address Allegations of Research Misconduct - Revised


TO:                 Principals, Deans, Academic Directors, and Chairs

FROM:           Paul Young, Vice-President, Research and Innovation

RE:                  Framework to Address Allegations of Research Misconduct - Revised

Further to PDAD&C memo on the Ethical Conduct of Research (PDAD& C #36 December 4, 2012), I am writing to inform you that the Framework to Address Allegations of Research Misconduct has been revised by my office, in consultation with the Office of the Vice-President and Provost.   This revision occurred as a result of an on-going review process to ensure that the University policies and procedures are consistent with Tri-Agency requirements and guidelines.

The revised Framework is effective for complaints of research misconduct received after January 1, 2013. 

Key changes include:
  • a statement on how anonymous allegations will be addressed;
  • clarification of interim steps that can be taken to preserve funds or research records pending the resolution of a complaint of research misconduct;
  • the inclusion of at least one external member on each investigation committee.

In general, processes remain unchanged.  The Framework identifies a two-stage process: an initial gathering and review of information at an inquiry stage and, if warranted, a subsequent investigation.    The Vice-President, Research and Innovation remains the central point of contact for all allegations of research misconduct. 

Professor R. Paul Young Ph.D., FRSC
Vice-President, Research and Innovation
University of Toronto
Simcoe Hall, Room 109
27 King's College Circle
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1A1

Telephone: 416-978-4984

Associate Vice-President, Research Oversight and Compliance: Professor Lori Ferris

TO:           Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs

FROM:   Professor Paul Young, Vice-President, Research and Innovations

DATE:     17 October 2012

RE:           Associate Vice-President, Research Oversight and Compliance

I am pleased to let you know that the University has approved a new position of Associate Vice-President for Research Oversight and Compliance.  I am also happy to inform you that Professor Lori Ferris, a Professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and who currently serves as Associate Vice-Provost Health Sciences Policy and Strategy (Office of the Vice-Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions), has agreed to take up this position. 

Professor Ferris joined the VPRI portfolio just over a year ago on a part-time basis as my Special Advisor on Research Ethics and Protections. She holds a PhD in psychology and two masters of laws degrees in alternative dispute resolution and administrative law. Professor Ferris currently chairs the Ethics and Policy Committee for the World Association of Medical Editors and in 2012 she became the association’s Vice-President, and Jan 1 2014 she will become its President.  Her research interests include medico-legal-policy, public health, women’s health and health services research, with over 100 publications mostly in these areas of interest.  

In her role as Associate Vice-President, Professor Ferris will manage the Research Oversight and Compliance Office (ROCO) which comprises legal services, research ethics (human and animal), and research financial reporting and audit.  ROCO was formed in 2009 in response to escalating sponsor and regulatory requirements in research which place an increasingly heavy burden on research institutions as well as growing financial, legal and reputational risks.  ROCO was the first office of its kind in Canada and signaled important recognition of the need to achieve and sustain a level of distributed oversight and compliance consistent with U of T’s massive and highly decentralized research enterprise. 

We have already benefitted from Lori’s work to help address our local institutional response to the international trend towards dramatic increases in allegations of research misconduct.  She has helped create institutional structures and processes to assist academic divisions to properly manage allegations, and will be involved in launching ongoing educational programs to increase awareness of research integrity.  I am grateful that she has agreed to extend her leadership in the VPRI in an expanded role.

Professor Ferris will take up the AVP position effective November 1st. on a part-time basis while she transitions out of her Associate Vice Provostial role, and  will start full time in my office Jan 2 2014.   Her office will be in McMurrich on the 2nd floor although she will continue to work closely with me in Simcoe Hall, as required, on allegations of research misconduct.  Please join me in congratulating Lori on this important appointment. 

UTSC Acting Vice-Principal, Research: Professor Julie McCarthy

To:          Faculty, staff, and students at University of Toronto Scarborough
From:   Franco J. Vaccarino, Vice-President and Principal, UTSC           
Re:         Appointment of (Acting) Vice-Principal Research, University of Toronto Scarborough     
cc:           President David Naylor
                The Bulletin       

I am very pleased to announce that Professor Julie McCarthy has agreed to a six-month term as Acting Vice-Principal, Research at UTSC, beginning November 1, 2013, while Vice Principal, Research, Professor Malcolm Campbell is on research leave.

Professor McCarthy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management and is well known for her research excellence and academic engagement.  Her research interests are centered on strategies that individuals can use to build resilience and achieve success in their work and home lives. She also investigates how organizations can ensure that their policies and practices are viewed favorably by job applicants and employees. Professor McCarthy has established herself as an expert in each of these areas, as seen from her publications in the leading international journals in the field, including The Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Psychological Science, and The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, as well as two upcoming book chapters in the influential Oxford Handbook Series.

Professor McCarthy's research has also received a considerable amount of media attention - she has been interviewed on CBC Radio, featured on the CBS website and her work has been featured in several newspapers and magazines such as Business Week, the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Financial Post, National Post, and the London Times. Recent public interest includes two articles in The Globe and Mail (July 14th, 2013; August 2nd, 2013) reporting on her research on work life balance.

Professor McCarthy's research is also generously supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and she has received numerous awards and recognitions for her research contributions. 

Please join me in welcoming Julie to this important position at UTSC.

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