Thursday, November 25, 2010

Summer assistantship in structural geology (2011): Call for applications

November 21, 2010

Summer assistantship in structural geology (2011): Call for applications

Together with a geological assistant to be chosen as in March, Professor W.M. (Fried) Schwerdtner expects to continue his field-based geological research in the summer months of 2011. Several weeks may be spent, however, in processing newly acquired field data in Toronto. For details about the mapping and research objectives, please visit the website of the Department of Geology, and read the paragraphs outlining Fried’s Research Interests.

As in the previous years, Fried invites informal applications for a summer assistantship by first, second and third-year undergraduate students of the physical sciences and engineering. The duration of the assistantship will depend on the funding level (2011–12), which is unknown at present. The salary formula of the Ontario Geological Survey will be employed in determining the amount of weekly pay for the assistant. Main variables in that formula are (1) the assistant’s year of undergraduate study and (2) the amount of prior experience in practical geology, applied science or geomechanical engineering.

The assistant will gain valuable practical experience in making geological observations in the field (Canadian Shield of Ontario), and learn about rock-sample collection, computer-based processing of structural measurements and the making of detailed structural and lithological maps. The starting date of the assistantship is flexible, and may be as early as May 15, 2011. Because of budget uncertainties, the guaranteed minimum length of employment will be six weeks. Hopefully, enough funds will be available for a summer assistantship of 3 months.

Please send inquiries and/or your informal application, including a personal résumé, to - no later than March 1, 2011. Applicants are required to be good swimmers. Prior boating and camping experience of applicants would be most valuable.

W.M. (Fried) Schwerdtner
Department of Geology
University of Toronto
22 Russell Street
Toronto, ON M5S 3B1

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