Friday, September 20, 2013

Copyright Compliance at the University of Toronto Update

PDAD&C #15, 2013-14

To:       PDAD&C
From:  Cheryl Regehr, Vice President and Provost
Date:  September 5, 2013
Re:       Update on Copyright Compliance at the University of Toronto


With a new term commencing, it is a good time to provide you with an update on copyright compliance at the University of Toronto and on the options for faculty to make “in copyright” materials available to students.

The University takes its copyright obligations seriously. As such, we are committed to providing faculty, staff, and students with accurate and up to date copyright information.  The copyright landscape in Canada has changed significantly in the last few years.   In 2012, the Copyright Act was significantly amended, including among other things a broadening of educational use provisions.  Also in 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada released a series of decisions that point to a broader and more generous interpretation of “user rights,” including fair dealing.  There have been developments in the area of Open Access, and the expectations regarding copyright in the scholarly publishing world are evolving. Technology continues to change rapidly. The expectations of content creators and content users are being tested in a variety of ways, including in litigation.

Attached to this memo are links to a suite of resources that will assist you, as a faculty member or staff member, as you navigate these rapidly changing waters.

•          Copyright Basics and Copyright FAQs:  This is a new, updated document that presents detailed information on your rights and obligations under Canadian Copyright Law and our license with Access Copyright.

•          Copyright Roadmap (attached):  This document lays out a brief set of steps to consider as you analyze a copyright issue.

•          Fair Dealing Guidelines:  Published in 2012, these guidelines remain a very important tool in assessing fair dealing.

•          List of copy shops licensed by Access Copyright for printing and sale of course packs:  Faculty should only use these licensed copy shops or the University of Toronto Bookstore operated by the University of Toronto Press for paper coursepack printing and distribution.  It is important to note that the University continues to work closely with the University of Toronto Bookstore to provide course materials to students.  To produce a paper coursepack, faculty members can contact their usual textbook coordinator at the Bookstore who can explain the process or contact CSPI directly at 416-929-2774 or email  Please note that when paper coursepacks are not pedagogically necessary, you will be able to save students money by linking in Blackboard directly to resources licensed by the library or by scanning a document directly into Blackboard as permitted under the Fair Dealing Guidelines or our Access Copyright license.  Please refer to the Copyright Basics and Copyright FAQs site for more detailed information.

•          Please do not hesitate to contact Bobby Glushko, the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian, at with any copyright related questions.

We hope that these resources are of assistance.  

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